MamaBabyBond is a new resource for parents of young children that helps foster a love of learning at an early age. It shares activities for kids at ages 0-8.

This blog started as a mom blog and it was a way for me to share the importance of child-parent bonding to support the child’s growth and development.

Now with a background in Early childhood education, i can provide opportunities for mothers and fathers to engage in literacy and learning activities through play with  their children.

To learn and grow, children need a stimulating environment and empathetic guidance at home, at day care or at school. This is why appropriate early childhood education also requires the promotion of parent/child bonding. Such mutual emotional attachment is crucial for your child’s success at school and in society.

You influence your children’s development, not only through the resources you invest in them and the linguistic and cognitive stimulation you offer, but also through the attachment or bond you forge with them.


Who am I?
I’m Sally Itani, a mother and a social media junkie. I am enrolled in early childhood education and family studies.
I am another concerned mother about my child and his future. 
What does MamaBabyBond contain?
  1. Well researched resources covering
    childhood development from womb and beyond.
  2. Individualized coaching for new mothers returning to work.
  3. Free organized checklists
  4. Off-the-record tricks and tips
  5. Funny mother memes
What makes MamaBabyBond different?
MamaBabyBond is a brilliant mix of uplifting solutions and scientifically-proven practices. Stated in an a clear and easy way for you to apply.
Why you’ll love MamaBabyBond?
Because you are an exhausted working parent looking for ways to shape the future of your children. MamaBabyBond helps you to start right and foster your child’s creativity by checking activities and ideas about early education from birth through age 8.
You need not, instructions and rules to blindly abide by.
Here… at MamaBabyBond
You are free to choose what suits you to practice on daily bases.
You are the only one who knows what is best for you and for your young child.
Play with your children to promote healthy development and maintain strong bond with them.
One more thing…
This is only an interactive blog which doesn’t replace your doctor’s advice or prescription. Always resort to your physician for impact change in your lifestyle. You can reach me via email at (sally@mamababybond.com)