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Safe Newborn Sleep Checklist

What is SIDS? How to protect baby from SIDS or any other infant death? What does a safe sleep environment looks like?


Check out our safe newborn sleep checklist for safe baby and good nights.


Usually infants sleep for about 16 hours per day, but babies are different, some sleep more while others sleep less than that range.


Also the sleeping pattern changes from day to day. The baby might sleep less than that range and the other day might catch up on missed sleeping hours.


Let your infant sleep as much as he/she likes as long as he/she is eating adequately and wetting at least 8 diapers within 24 hours.

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You will realize change in the sleeping pattern during 1st few months as he/she gradually spends more time awake and alert.


What is SIDS?

SIDS is a sudden (unexplained) infant death Syndrome for babies younger than 1 year of age.


SIDS are quite rare but they are happening unexpectedly.


How to lower my baby’s risk of SIDS or any other infant death? 
Let’s talk more about your infant after birth.
  1. Your infant is helpless. So he/she should sleep in a separate crib closer to you.
  2. Any one sleeping with the baby might overlay on him/her.
  3. Your infant can be easily trapped by any object close to the crib even low-hanging mobiles, which make breathing impossible.
  4. Your baby might roll and easily get buried by any blanket or loose bedding.
  5. Your Baby needs a safe space to breath. Nothing should cover his/her head or face
  6. Your infant has no restriction of chest movement from pressure on the chest, tight wrapping or heavy bedding.
  7. Your baby needs a safe newborn sleep environment.



What does a safe newborn sleep environment looks like?

You may wonder that the safe environment starts from the day you get pregnant.


.Try to get well-nourished to reduce the risk of having a premature and low birth weight baby, because these are mostly at risk of sudden infant death.


Yes! You are right…


Prematurity may not be preventable, but you can tip the scales in your baby’s favour by getting good prenatal care and eating right.


.Try to Breastfeed your baby if you can. Some researchers suggest that breastfed babies are at lower risks of sudden death.


.Check out this organized safe newborn sleep checklist.

 safe newborn sleep checklist





  1. Don’t put your baby to sleep on his tummy during sleeping time.
  2. Put your baby in a different positions every time to avoid his head from getting flatten. On his back and head to the sides
  3. Try not to let visitors to kiss your infant. You never know who is infected.
  4. Follow with the health care provider each month on vaccines and check-ups.
  5. Avoid products that claim reducing infant death
  6. Don’t sleep with the baby. You may not wake up when baby needs help especially when you are overly tired
  7. Let your baby sleep in your bedroom during his first six months to boost mother baby bonding.


Now that you are aware of the safe newborn sleep environment. Do you still have any other concerns? Comment below and we are ready to answer you.


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  1. Heather says:

    I have SERIOUS anxiety about SIDs, so these safe environment tips are 🙌🏻🙌🏻 So important for all moms to know. Thanks for such a great post! 😉 —Heather (


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