Checklist: What to Eat for Breastfeeding to Increase Milk Supply & Baby’s Weight

Am I producing enough milk? How did that Instagram mom pump so much!! How to increase breast milk? What to eat while breastfeeding for baby to gain weight?



That’s normal, checkout this Checklist: What to Eat for Breastfeeding.


You start eating healthy and then you feel the urge to eat fast foods with the highest fat content.

That was me!!!!

But remember you are here dealing with two bodies (yours and your baby’s).

First of all you need to see a lactation consultant to check whether your supply is indeed low or not. You can contact Mirna Sabbagh Muslmani– Dietitian and Breastfeeding Specialist who works between Lebanon and Dubai. She can also provide you with online consultation via her blog nutricycle.


If you decided to breastfeed checkout the breastfeeding supplies checklist and if you chose to pump check out the safe bottle feeding checklist.
After that, you may be tempted to raid your nearest health food store, but that could cause more problems than it solves. 

Don’t worry we’re going to deal with that.


You worry too much about your baby’s weight

Your main concern is, if the breastfeed is enough for the baby to gain weight.

That’s normal!!!

You can read my free checklist “Signs Your Baby is Getting Enough Milk” to figure out how to offer your baby a successful feed.

However, a healthy and balanced diet will increase the quality of your breast milk and will help you as well. Nutritious foods  stimulate your breast milk and help you heal from childbirth.

Checkout this organized checklist: what to eat for breastfeeding which contains highly nutritious foods that:

  • Boost your lactation hormones
  • Boost your energy
  • Help control baby-colic
  • Prevent post-delivery constipation
  • Help you to relax 
  • Detoxify your body
  • Help you stay hydrated
  • Reduce bloating
  • Boost immunity for your little one
  • Normalize raised blood sugar levels post-delivery
  • Help baby gain weight

    The top food supporters of the list are vegetables and fruits. All kind of fruits and veggies are rich in crucial vitamins. I mentioned the highly effective for your milk supply and your baby weight gain.



Keep track of your daily intake to make sure that both you and your baby get all the nutrients needed.




  1. Don’t forget to take Prenatal vitamins
  2. Don’t blindly stick to the list, you know better what is right for you
  3. Try to eat the proper food portion
  4. Avoid saturated fats such as regular ground beef and high-fat meats
  5. Limit your intake of caffeinated liquids. Everything you consume passes along to your baby through breast milk
  6. Try to eat small portions with healthy snacks in between the basic meals to prevent hunger and keep energy-level
  7. Don’t count the number of cups you drank. Just drink as long as your body asks for. 
  8. If you realize that your baby gets more gassy or irritated every time you eat a certain type of food, try to eliminate that suspect food to see if the baby is better off without it.Is there a type of food that wasn’t mentioned and you are not sure about? Comment below about it and I will ask physicians i know to provide you with the fastest answer.

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    All content here, including advice from doctors and other health professionals, should be considered as opinion only. Always revert to your physician for impact change in your lifestyle. 


9 thoughts on “Checklist: What to Eat for Breastfeeding to Increase Milk Supply & Baby’s Weight

  1. Karen Rachelle says:

    This is so helpful! When I was breastfeeding I was so tired and this list would have been helpful! Easy to follow and a great guide! I’ll be using this for my next baby so I’m going to pin it for later 😊


  2. thebusyboymama says:

    These are great tips! I breastfed my oldest son for 12 months but had low supply and had to supplement. The second time around with my youngest, I nursed him exclusively for 13 months and ate so much healthier!


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